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Level 3 - One Day 3D Print Work Shop

An expert look at 3D printing, materials, processes and software.

  • 2 hr
  • £100 + VAT
  • New England Road

Service Description

A 1 day 3D print introduction with takeaway material + your own 3D prints - Level 3 This 1 day course builds on top of the foundation and intermediate workshops that we have progressed through with the Level 1 and Level 2 day courses, focusing on expert features of 3D print and design with a detailed look at the different materials that can be used and which printers are suitable for which material. We will also take a look at a new 3D printing method involving resin and lasers, which after this final session, you will be confident using. To progress to level 3 you will have already covered Level 1 and 2. Details of prior courses below: Level 1 On your first day you will have already learned: - How a 3D printer works - The anatomy of a 3D printer - The different types of 3D printer - The different types of materials that are capable of being printed - How to obtain 3D models that can be used for 3D printing - How to use the 3D printing software - How to prepare and commence your first 3D print Level 2 On your second day you will have learned learn: - The basics of 3D design and either very simple CAD software or some more professional programs depending on how confident you feel. - A deeper dive in to 3D printing software and how it affects different shapes and geometries of models - What happens after the print is finished and how to post process You will be guided through the process in a very fun and friendly manor, questions welcome and take home material is supplied for future reference. Level 3: At the end of the third and final session you will be confident with all features within 3D printing software and have to knowledge to confidently operate and troubleshoot a 3D printer on your own. We will also have moved on to a new method of 3D printing involving a new machine and how to operate safely along with how to use the adjoining software. We will have answered any questions and completed an unsupervised 3D print setup and print that will be yours to take away. You will receive your Level 3 3D printed trophy!

Contact Details

  • Vantage Point, New England Road, Brighton, UK

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