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We are committed to sustainability

We are proud to say that all of our materials come from sustainable sources. 

We source our materials from Filamentive, a market leader in recycled plastic use, where possible, in 3D printing.

All materials are in line with ISO-14021

This means that there are no buzz words that aren't verifiable, like "Eco-friendly" and "Green", just cold hard facts like "made from 100% recycled material"

For a full list of materials available in recycled plastics and their percentage of re-used plastics please click here.

Our business ethics

ThreeDeeDave operates a paperless business model and recycle all cardboard and plastics that do end up our way.


Our printers​ 

Despite what may come to mind when thinking about 3D printers, they are actually very efficient machines. 1 of our printers uses roughly the same amount of energy as a 100w lightbulb.

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