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Castable rings

These rings were produced for a jewelry maker. They were printed using UV light and resin in one of our high precision machines. 

The prints were then used for making molds in a process called "lost wax casting" or "investment casting".


The process involves encasing the 3D print in a type of plaster and then pouring, in this case , a precious metal, such as gold or silver, in to the cavity with the printed ring. The melted metal burns away the print leaving a perfect copy of hardened metal in its place. Pretty cool.

The prints came out beautifully and helped to produce some fantastic end products.

Blue blank.jpg

Router Rack Mounts

Our client, xoomtalk,came to us wanting a solution to their current, high cost rack mount system for their routers.

They had to be strong enough to hold a heavy router, cheaper than their current method and also help with reducing their carbon footprint.

We designed and printed their new rack mounts out of recycled PETG which is more than strong enough and does the job perfectly, effectively halving their costs spent on these before.

We now have a permanent, manufacture and supply relationship.

Red Blank.jpg


Semiconductor are an artist duo, known for a unique and innovative body of moving image works, sculptures and installations.

For a project involving a performance artist, they wanted to create some huge hexagonal screens. They were using metal extrusions to create the frame but needed a way to connect the parts of the frame together.


Enter 3D printing.


They had some 3D designs modeled and came to us with some ready to print files that they used to produce these fantastic screens and overall spectacular show.

Green blank.jpg

Study Group agent gifts

Study Group Brighton is a multinational Pathway Education provider, employing over 3,000 staff & teaching over 50,000 students per year and across the globe. Their UK Operational offices based in Brighton regularly visit corporate partners across Europe, The Middle East, Africa & the Baltics and typically bring themed gift bags to their partners in those regions to promote their various university partners and educational programs.


The task they put to us here at ThreeDeeDave was to produce 30+ gifts all with a Dutch theme (relating to their ‘Holland International Study Centre’) and all with some sort of assembly element to them.


Together we came up with a windmill, some cheese, a bike and a phone stand in the classic white and orange Dutch colours

Orange blank.jpg


We have many model makers on our roster of clients. With the varied nature of the subject mater, each individual print can come with its own challenges and specific requirements.

Luckily, years of printing has meant that we have had to deal with awkward shapes many times before and our printed models always turn out great, no matter what the size!

Here are a few examples of the different models we have fabricated for our clients.

Pink Blank.jpg

Mob Kitchen Light Box

Mob Kitchen came to us looking for, as the title suggests, a light box, with their logo at the forefront.

From this brief, we came up with this, in our opinion, very cool light cube. It came with a mains plug and remote control to turn it on and off as well as change colour.

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